Directions to the Workshop and Concert on Saturday

We’re so glad you’re coming! Note that Evanston Township High School is beautifully large! So you may want to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land.  The address is 1600 Dodge Ave., Evanston, Illinois.

Click here for an enlarged Parking lot map.  Please park in Lot 2 on the West side of the school. Turn on Wildkit drive from Church Street.

ETHS Parking

From the parking lot or if you are on foot or taking a car share or taxi, enter Door 2, which is prominently marked. Then you are headed for the Arts wing (marked orange on the map below).

The workshop is located in room A252 on Floor 2.  Directly above that is where we have the concert in the Upstairs Theater on Floor 3.  There is an elevator very close to the workshop location and also to the Upstairs Theater.  Look for the overhead signage in the building. We will have some people posted in the hallways to help out.

(In the map below, North is to the right.) Give yourself some time to get from the building entrance to the venue. As we said, this building is large!

Evanston Township High School



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