Fall concert: Samhain – Encounters through the Veil

Time does not stretch forward as a line but circles and cycles through the seasons. Each time we return to the familiar points on the wheel we are the same and yet not the same. 

Samhain is the point on the Wheel of the Year between fall equinox or Mabon and winter solstice or Yule. The ancients believed sunset marked the ending of one day and the beginning of the new day. Similarly, this is the time when the old year has died and the new year has not yet begun. 

The harvest is in and the land is falling dormant for winter. We gather together and prepare to face the long, cold nights ahead. 

This is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. We remember our ancestors and others who have passed and recall them to our living world. We look to bring their blessings onto our future. As we turn inward in contemplation we focus our thoughts on what the new year might bring. Within this creative darkness, we plant the seeds for new growth.

Artemis Singers invites you to join us in observation and contemplation, in harmony and hopefulness. 

Fall Choral Concert: Saturday night, October 29th, 2022

Unitarian Church of Evanston, Evanston, Illinois

Tickets available here: https://artemis-singers-samhain.eventbrite.com

Additional information to come soon

Live in concert (hooray!)

June 4, 2022 4pm

Leaping Lesbians!
A celebration of lesbian life

Join us outdoors at the Forest Glen Forest Preserve picnic pavilion on Chicago’s northwest side for a joyous celebration, as we sing for you in person. We’ll be singing songs commissioned recently, as well as some we’ve sung for many years.

What you will bring:

  • Enthusiasm for lesbian feminist music and community
  • Your lawn chair or blanket (there will also be 4 or 5 picnic tables onsite)
  • Snacks and beverages to enjoy — but please no glass containers 
  • Familiarity with current CDC COVID Guidelines for vaccines, masking, social distancing and testing
  • Rain gear if the weather is not cooperating

What we will bring:

  • 21 fully vaccinated singers who have tested negative for Covid on that day (and therefore likely unmasked)
  • A great program of choral songs
  • Two new pieces presented to a live audience for the very first time
  • Lively percussion, strings, guitar, and keyboard accompaniment
  • The great outdoors and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Overwhelming happiness to be singing for YOU

Getting There Options:

Forest Glen Woods – Picnic Grove #1, 5420 N Forest Glen Ave, Chicago

  • Take the 92 Foster CTA bus to Foster & Leclaire and walk about 10 mins north to the grove
  • Take Metra MD-N line to Forest Glen and walk about 5 mins north to the grove
  • Drive to the forest preserve and enjoy ample parking onsite

Tickets: Donations of any amount are welcome on-site, or Donate online. 

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