Join us!

The next Artemis Singers new member night is Thursday, February 9. We will be preparing for our Family of Friends, Pride concert and dance, to be performed June 17, 2017.

If you are a woman, love to sing, have Thursday nights free, and want to be part of a lesbian feminist chorus, consider joining us!

We currently rehearse on the northwest side of Chicago but are looking for possible other venues that are more accessible by CTA train lines (we are currently accessible by CTA bus and Metra). If you have a lead on a rehearsal space, please let us know!

Please get in touch by using the Contact Us form and we will get back to you with more details.


2 thoughts on “Join us!

  1. i’m so excited to hear about the michfest musical!
    i’m a long way from chicago, in north carolina but am trying to imagine myself coming to chicago the end of january!

    do you think you’ll do it again…maybe in august? 😉

    thank you for your singing and your love of michfest!

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